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When I am approaching gorillas, I have a rare feeling

Daniela Hedwig; in the background: Makumba and Malui with Tembo on her back. Photo Khalil Baalbaki
M. Bobek, J. Jirátová, P. Hanzelková, 21 May 2009

Three years we observed gorillas in Prague Zoo. We wanted to present their stories so that people identify with them and understand how important is to help conservation of gorillas in wild. Like this we get to Africa. Within the project The Revealed we try to bring informations about african wildlife and its conservation but also raise funds for that purposes (as I wrote below, we published the Gorilla stories book, we supported educational project in villages north of Dja and now we would like to equip the ecoquards in Djoum).

During our trip to Africa we made a lot of  interviews with people who work in field and here is one of them… An interview with primatologist Daniela Hedwig.

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Among Gorillas!

Found them! Here is silver-backed male Makumba

Miroslav Bobek, 21 April 2009

“You stay here. Don’t move,” Daniela whispered to loud gorilla yelling. “It’s OK, you just don’t move,” she repeated and I thought that perhaps Khalil tried to turn right with his camera despite her first warning, to focus on the area in front of me. It was funny that I was thinking about this. I kept ducking down and wondered if I could continue whispering my commentary to the microport.

I had tried to imagine myself in such a situation before and always came to the conclusion that I would probably run in panic – which would be the most stupid thing to do. Just a few second ago, a muscular silver-backed male Western Lowland Gorilla stopped some five or ten metres in front of me in a menacing posture. Makumba.

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Unique footage of Gorillas from Dzanga Sangha

Gorillas in Dzanga Sangha are habituated - used to humans…

Jana Jirátová, 17 April 2009

“Have you got any news about them?” my colleagues at the radio have been asking me every day. The expedition was supposed to have reached the Dzanga Sangha reservation in the Central African Republic but we haven’t heard from them for a couple of days. The long waiting is gone – not only have we learned that all members of the team all right but also they managed to send us a batch of unique images and video footage.

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Heading for Dzanga Sangha

A Flag of the Central African Republic

Miroslav Bobek, 10 April 2009

After two live transmission and several reports from Limbe, Cameroon, we are writing from Bangui, the capital city of a country that was ruled by a president, life-long president and then self-proclaimed cannibal emperor Bokassa until the and of the 1970’s. It’s a bit cheap to start our first report from the Central African Republic with a mention of Bokassa, I admit – I won’t mention him again, I promise, unless absolutely necessary. It probably won’t, because we have arrived primarily to visit a unique troop of human-habituated western lowland gorillas in the Dzanga Sangha forest.

We were invited to visit Dzanga Sangha by Angelique Todd at the end of last year, which was great honour for us. What Diane Fossey meant for research and protection of mountain gorillas, I think Angelique Todd is for research and protection of western lowland gorillas – she is only less known. She has been operating in Dzanga Sangha since 1998 and a has lion share in the successful human-habituation of a troop led by male Makumba, making it possible to really closely study western lowland gorillas in their natural habitat.

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