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Playful Adjibolo

Adjibolo, photo by Miroslav Bobek

Jana Jirátová, 9 May 2009

Thanks to our merchandise sale we have supported a primate sanctuary Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon. During our last expedition into Cameroon and Central African Republic  we get to know Adjibolo – the second youngest gorilla in the LWC. 

We have presented her story in Live Webcasts from LWC and a few days ago on our websites together with the rest of the troop that occupies the small enclosure. Now you have a chance to see here closely. We have produced a short video for you from materials that we have brought back from Africa. It clearly shows that Adjibolo is lively and playful despite her tragic fate. 

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After the Second Broadcast

Tinu. Foto Miroslav Bobek

Miroslav Bobek, 7 April 2009

I am trying to imagine what a TV show about the Limbe Wildlife Centre would look like. It would depend on the producers yet I believe it would be less authentic and contain less footage of gorillas than our two live webcasts despite all the mistakes we made. Internet and new technologies offered us an excellent opportunity to show the public what we wanted, live, without any additional touches, using technology that we have brought with us in our backpacks…

As for the aforementioned mistakes, let me give one example: it is not three but five thousand kilometres from here to Prague as the crow flies… I am not saying this is a negligible detail but truth is we had many things to deal with simultaneously… Nevertheless, as we can judge from reactions that have reached Limbe, our online transmissions were a success. This has encouraged us to consider another live webcast but not from LWC. More on that after Easter.

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Internet broadcasts from the Limbe Wildlife Centre

We have prepared two live internet broadcasts from the Limbe Wildlife
Centre in Cameroon as a part of The Revealed Project (
The aim of the project is to support protection of gorillas in central

First Broadcast Second BroadcastSecond BroadcastSecond Broadcast

You can click here to see the first broadcast and here to see the second broadcast.

Live from Cameroon


Miroslav Bobek, 4 April 2009

“The green snake was a perfect take!” is what was written in one of the text messages that began circulating after the conclusion of our first live broadcast from Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon. On the internet in a one hour live stream shot, transmitted by satellite we showed the gorillas that became the victims of poachers and to which we contribute through the collection account The Revealed. The green snake was an extra in our live broadcast – but it truly was there and as it seems, it added some juice.

Next live broadcast from Limbe Wildlife Centre is planned for Monday 6 April from 2 pm CEST (12 pm GMT). A record of the first broadcast is also available in English.

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Live broadcast from Limbe Wildlife Centre – the first one this Friday at 12.00 GMT!

Cameraman Khalil Baalbaki and technician Jirka Malina while packing our equipment in Prague

Miroslav Bobek, 8 April 2009

In Prague, Nuremberg, Paris and Douala, on our journey to Limbe we keep reassuring ourselves that we have not left anything behind. To no avail. Of course we have not left anything behind, however we can run into problems anywhere else, especially when it comes to the planned internet broadcasting. This is the first time we are going to do a thing like this and that constitutes a lot of risks which are even stressed by the conditions here in Africa. However we have tried lots of things before…

Eleven years ago (in the days of prehistoric technology) it occurred to us to broadcast via the internet the nesting season of the black storks in the deep forests of the Brdy mountains – and although there were lots of spokes in our wheels, we finally succeeded. We hope we will overcome all the obstacles we may encounter while working towards our present goal – live satellite broadcasting from the Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon. Read More »