Educational postcards for Africa

When we were in Cameroon we realized that children love our photos and through them they can learn a lot about conservation. Now we prepared limited edition of pictures with educational texts which are going to be distributed around a biosphere reserve Dja in Cameroon in particular. The edition is in french and is called Les gorilles sont la richesse de l’Afrique.

Here is one example of the photo and the back page with the text:

Les gorilles ont aussi une famille (Photo Khalil Baalbaki, Text Miroslav Bobek, Design Marek Václavík)

Les gorilles ont aussi une famille. Author Khalil Baalbaki

Back page of the postcard “Les gorilles ont aussi une famille. Photo Miroslav Bobek” 

Les gorilles perdent leurs maisons (Photo and Text Miroslav Bobek, Design Marek Václavík)

Les gorilles perdent leurs maisons. Photo Miroslav Bobek

Les gorilles perdent leurs maisons. Photo et texte Miroslav Bobek.

You can see more postcards here. As soon as we raise funds, we spread these postcards into central african countries. You can support our efforts!

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2 comments on “Educational postcards for Africa

  1. tiffany on said:

    so propaganda in a good way? who doesn’t crave knowing more about his or her surroundings? information about their fellow creatures promotes love of reading, compassion for other creatures, and an understanding of the connectedness of ecosystems and life. this is a wonderful idea! except, i wonder if the language carries its own imperialistic project since it enforces french, the language of colonialism, as the vehicle for knowledge. What is the cost to produce an identical project in the language of Dja?

  2. therevealed on said:

    Thank you for your commment! We will think about it! ;-) It would not be so expensive to print other postcards, but the problem could be to find someone in who will translate it and to get money for the distribution.

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