Monthly Archives: December 2009

Buy Gorilla Tales to Support Distribution of the Book to African Schools

Jana Jirátová, 28th December Moja, the first gorilla born in the Czech Republic, has been helping rescue gorillas in Africa. An English version of the gorilla tales book is being published as part of the Year of the Gorilla (YOG), a UN initiative, to raise funds to finance distribution of the book in Congo-Brazzaville and […]

Learn about the life of orang-utans and support the Revealed project

The Revealed has focused its conservational efforts on gorillas. We spent observing these amazing animals more than four years. We have learned a lot, we made a lot… Now, we give you a chance to discover the life of orang-utans as well! We started The Relatives project. Orang-utan’s male Elmar, females Zaneta and Satu, and little Besar will […]

Educational postcards for Africa

When we were in Cameroon we realized that children love our photos and through them they can learn a lot about conservation. Now we prepared limited edition of pictures with educational texts which are going to be distributed around a biosphere reserve Dja in Cameroon in particular. The edition is in french and is called Les […]