Monthly Archives: November 2009

Second CD of Gorilla Fairy Tales is out!

Jana Jirátová, 27th November 2009 The second CD with gorilla fairy tales is out! Czech people can buy a present for children and at the same time support gorilla conservation. The CD “Moja, Tatu and tiplíci” follows in the succes of the first CD with gorilla fairy tales “Moja and the peacock”. Both arised within […]

The Revealed on Facebook: almost 1500 fans over 4 months. What’s the benefit?

Brief guide for those undecided whether to engage in social networking Miroslav Bobek When Facebook (FB) changed its main page again some time ago, it was another change to the worse. It is getting on the verge of the tolerable to be constantly fed with information about someone’s results of quizzes, such as “Are you […]