Our activities in the Czech Republic earn money for western lowland gorilla’s conservation in Africa!

Exhibition “Phenomenon The Revealed” in Russia

Hi everyone,

We have not written quite a long time, because we had a full plate of our project in the Czech republic. We organized a lot of partial activities which help us to support gorillas in wild, for example exhibition of photos called Phenomenon The Revealed. This exhibition travels around the whole Czech Republic and it reached even Moscow in Russia!

In cooperation with Czech Radio we recorded and produced a CD with Gorilla Fairy Tales. The main protagonist of fairy tales is one of the most famoust czech celebrities – singer Lucie Bílá. Since you have read the last comment we have also prepared the book of Gorilla Fairy Tales for commercial sale. We get also the offer to make russian edition of these fairy tales. We will write details about all these activities soon, do not worry! :-)

Furthermore we have worked on our own Facebook page (you can look here), we have joined the donation sms called DMS. People from the Czech Republic could send sms in a value of 30 Kc (=approximately little bit more than 1 Euro). 27 Kc from each DMS is intended for gorilla conservation. And at last we have prepared an auction of our photos and one oil painting of gorillas (btw. this painting is gonna be the cover page of the forementioned CD). People in the Czech Republic could join the auction till this Friday and suggest as much money as they want to pay for the production. You can have a look on the process of the auction here.

Our activities support gorilla conservation in Africa

Everything what we gain from these activities is intended to western lowland gorilla´s conservation in central Africa. Our immediate purpose is to publish Gorilla Stories Book and other educational material focused on conservation for children and distribute it in Congo-Brazzaville. Other aim is to support Ecogaurds protecting the Reservation Dja in Cameroon agains poachers. They need the basic equipment – shoes, tents and so on.

So as you see, we have had “full hands of work”… But now, we are back and we will continue to keep you posted! :-)

Your Jana and Miroslav – The Revealed Team!

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