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Help us by buying puzzles with Forest Elephants

Radioservis and The Revealed produced puzzles with Forest Elephants from Dzanga Sangha. Profit is intended for equipment of ecoguards working in Dja Raserve in Cameroon. You can buy the puzzles in our e-shop.

Elephants Come Here for Safety…

Miroslav Bobek et al. Interview with Andrea Turkalo. Part III There are always several BaAka, local Pygmies, at Andrea Turkalo’s camp who work for her as guides and scouts. The camp is also regularly visited by Bantus armed with automatic rifles who guard the reserve. Although the Dzanga clearing looks like paradise on Earth, it […]

Marriage for Two Days

Miroslav Bobek et ¬†al. Interview with Andrea Turkalo. Part II Dzanga Bai appears to be from a different time and world. Against the backdrop of the forest, you can see dozens of elephants: females, their offspring of various age, as well as a long-tusked males here and there. Together with them scores of forest buffaloes […]

Living among Elephants

Miroslav Bobek et al., 2 July 2009 Interview with Adrea Turkalo. Part I Andrea Turkalo has lived in a small forest camp in the southwest of the Central African Republic. Every morning she walks to a shelter hidden at the edge of a unique “forest elephant clearing”. Supported by the Wildlife Conservation Society and the […]