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Ecoguards from Djoum: Risking their Lives

Miroslav BobekĀ et al., 17 June 2009 The Dja biosphere reserve in the south-eastern Cameroon is guarded by four units of rangers called “ecoguards”. This sixty-strong force is supposed to protect more than half a million hectares of tropical rainforest. With worn-out shoes and no tents or communication technology they confront hordes of armed poachers. Djoum […]

Gorilla Fairy Tales ON AIR in Africa

Miroslav Bobek, 4 June 2009 “She’s playing the young quite well! And the peacock, too…” producer Honza Jiran noted when choosing an actor for the French rendition of the gorilla fairy tales among 10 short-listed native speakers with more or less extensive acting experience. He eventually selected the one who interpreted the young and the […]