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On Duty with Ecoguards (Illegal Bushmeat Thrives in Cameroon)

Miroslav Bobek, 30 April 2009  “Yesterday, a road patrol seized gorilla hands and pieces of gorilla meat,” we were told by ecoguard Tomi when we stopped by the ECOFAC office in Djoum. We are back in Cameroon, south of the Dja biosphere reserve. We are in an area that generously supplies Yaoundé and other cities […]

Watching Forest Elephants with Andrea Turkalo

Miroslav Bobek, 24 April 2009 Andrea Turkalo has been living in a small camp at the Dzanga Baï clearing in the midst of a tropical rainforest in the south-west of the Central African Republic. It is a thirty-minute walk from her camp to the clearing.  “I have walked 33 thousand kilometres along this path,” says […]

Among Gorillas!

Miroslav Bobek, 21 April 2009 “You stay here. Don’t move,” Daniela whispered to loud gorilla yelling. “It’s OK, you just don’t move,” she repeated and I thought that perhaps Khalil tried to turn right with his camera despite her first warning, to focus on the area in front of me. It was funny that I was […]

Unique footage of Gorillas from Dzanga Sangha

Jana Jirátová, 17 April 2009 “Have you got any news about them?” my colleagues at the radio have been asking me every day. The expedition was supposed to have reached the Dzanga Sangha reservation in the Central African Republic but we haven’t heard from them for a couple of days. The long waiting is gone […]

The Republic of Central Africa

Miroslav Bobek, 14 April 2009 “I feel like I am in a film,” said Petra H, when we departed from Bangui. The Republic of Central Africa is colourful, even for those who have some experience with Africa – and especially after having just landed here after leaving Prague ten hours ago (the capital city of […]

Heading for Dzanga Sangha

Miroslav Bobek, 10 April 2009 After two live transmission and several reports from Limbe, Cameroon, we are writing from Bangui, the capital city of a country that was ruled by a president, life-long president and then self-proclaimed cannibal emperor Bokassa until the and of the 1970’s. It’s a bit cheap to start our first report […]

Fairy-Tale Books and a CD

  Miroslav Bobek, 8 April 2009 Dorothy Matute, the headmistress of the Bonadikombo school, visited us in our hotel in Limbe, Cameroon. She was the first to obtain a CD with an audio rendition of gorilla fairy- tales from our book ‘L´histoire des Gorilles’ in French recorded by Jan Jiran. The idea behind the CD […]

Letters from Cameroonian Schoolchildren

Jana Jirátová, 9 April 2009 The Revealed has been aiming several years to support protection of western lowland gorillas in Central Africa. First we financially supported a primate rescue centre in Limbe but then decided to carry out a project of our own. We published a book of fairy-tales about gorillas in English and French and […]

Children in Cameroon love gorilla baby Moja

Miroslav Bobek, April 8 2009 A few days ago, just after our arrival to the Limbe Wildlife Centre, Simone de Vries gave us two folders: the thinner one contained completed questionnaires, while the thicker one contained letters from children to Czech Radio, The Revealed, a mysterious person name Miralan Bobeko, or all three of them at […]

Gorilla fairy tales

Miroslav Bobek, 27 March 2009 When visiting Cameroon in the spring of 2006 we realised that the best way to protect gorillas is to show the locals their beauty and intelligence. And when we published the first book of “gorilla” fairy tales, a little later in the Czech Republic, in which Moja naturally is the […]